YouTube Weakens Its Creators With One More Policy Update On January 2018

YouTube is the most popular video library online where creators can upload videos on their channel and make some revenue out of it. This story was true until January 2018 but now creators can easily join the youtube partners programme and make money is a very different thing. Because of YouTube's new creator's update on January 2018, there are hard rules that are needed to be completed before you start earning something. There is new text that has started to show up on the dashboard of creators "We're making changes to the YouTube Partner Programme. As a result, your channel will no longer be eligible for monetisation starting from 20 February 2018. Learn more"

What's new in the January 2018 Creator's policy update?

Pre 2017 youtube was a lovely place for new creators and the videos were easy to monetize but at the mid of 2017 YouTube changed its policy for its partner programme and now it was mandatory to have at least 10,000 minute watch time to enable monetization this was also easy to accomplish. Many new creators completed that and finally monetized their videos, soon after they monetized there is a new update where you need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 min of watch time in past year to enable monetization on your channel. The channels which do not comply with the requirements will see the following text on creator's dashboard: "We're making changes to the YouTube Partner Programme. As a result, your channel will no longer be eligible for monetisation starting from 20 February 2018. Learn more"

What is Monetization for Creators?

Monetization is the name for enabling advertisements on your YouTube videos using Google Adsense and earning money out of it.

Who will be impacted?

The new channels who have joined youtube partners programme and the old channels who are in this programme and can not fulfil this requirement are the people who will have to go through this pain. Youtube will remove monetization on old partner's channels at 20th February if they can not fulfil the requirements of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in past year. I am also not safe from this update hence I know the reality hidden behind this update, here is my channel you can visit:  and subscribe to it to support my channel. That will be a really great help and it will in future help me make more helpful content for you all. Also to oppose this update with me join by using #ShameYouTube in your tags. Why this new policy update for creators? As many advertisers have opposed advertising on YouTube due to the odd contents on YouTube like adult contents and contents that leads to controversy, on which the ads of those advertisers were shown so to cope up with the advertisers YouTube made rules harder for the creators and punished creators multiple times, this is one more punishment to good and bad creators both just because they can not filter content properly. Whom will it profit? Well, this is a worst-case scenario I have ever seen on YouTube as enabling monetization is one of the important factors to rank your videos. Without monetization enabled your videos do not rank properly which you also know if you use some analysis tools like vidiq so new channels were always been dominated by old channels. And now it is like finishing the competition of market because new channels will now not come due to the competition and if they come they will not rank. That's it no more new creators to see on YouTube. This is what I think. Share your thoughts in comments.


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