WhatsApp is the most popular chat app, and currently billions of users use WhatsApp every day, and the best proof of this is on new year eve WhatsApp servers crashed, and no messages were sent, this explains the usage of WhatsApp every day. As slowly we have moved to DIGITAL LIFE, WhatsApp and Social Medias like Facebook have become part of our day to day life. And now the WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. Till now what I said is going to play a vital role in this discussion of WHATSAPP UPI PAYMENTS UPDATE. So now let us dig into the topic.

WhatsApp UPI Payments Rolling Out In India (Things You Need To Know)

What Is UPI?

UPI is also known as Unified Payment Interface. It started in the year 2016, and it allows to send money using mobile number, wherein traditional payment solutions you need to maintain a wallet balance to send & receive money. With UPI you can send and receive money to your bank account directly using your linked mobile number and the receiver's linked mobile number.

What is interesting about WhatsApp UPI Payments Update?

As before there were a lot of solutions for UPI like Google Tez, Paytm, and a lot of others but somewhere was a chance of error that you might type in a wrong number and send money to someone else. But with WhatsApp Payments, you can be much safer. Because

Pros of WhatsApp UPI Update

  1. Facebook owns WhatsApp: As Facebook now owns WhatsApp, hence definitely WhatsApp UPI payments will be much more reliable than others because Facebook pays a lot of attention to safety and security.
  2. You do not need to have one more UPI app on your phone: As you are already using WhatsApp so no more, you need to have a separate app for sending receiving money.
  3. The broad user range: Billions of users are already using WhatsApp so now you can send money using UPI to a much wide range of people.

Cons of WhatsApp UPI Update

  1. WhatsApp will now need more permissions: we all know Facebook loves your personal information. So now Facebook will need more permissions for you, and he steals more from you.
Till now I can find only one Cons of WhatsApp Payments UPI Update. But if you have more cons in mind then we will love to know them, So share in comments below.

When Will WhatsApp UPI Payments Be Available To You?

This is one of biggest question in everyone's mind, and the WhatsApp UPI Payments is currently in beta testing, that means only WhatsApp Beta Testers are now availed with this update, but I am sure it will not take much time and will be available on or after March 2018. So guys check the video embedded for more information and also, do share this article with your friends. Let me know your thoughts in comments below.


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