The Internet is our lifeline this is a fact in the 21st century so we are very much dependent on the internet and most of the businesses, companies are now using the internet a lot. Now in this 21st century also there is a possibility that there is no ISP in your area and you can not avail internet for your use. So the VSAT or Very Small Aperture Terminal solves this concern below in this article we will talk more about what is VSAT and how it works.

What Is VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal)

What is an ISP?

An ISP or Internet Service Provider is a company that provides the internet connection to your home or office, the ISP's use various technologies like 3g, 4g, ADSL, VDSL, Leased Line Internet, and VSAT to avail you the internet connection. But there is a big difference between the other technologies and a VSAT. What is the difference between VSAT and 3g, 4g, ADSL, VDSL, Leased Line Internet? The other technologies need a substation where they use wireless or wired technology to provide you internet. There are cables spread across country connecting all substations with the ISP's central or core systems. Which makes a necessity to have a local ISP office to have internet at your home or office. Whereas the VSAT uses wireless technology and uses satellite communication to connect you to the internet.

What is VSAT?

A VSAT looks like your satellite tv dish which is the antenna and then it is connected to a receiver or modem the full form of VSAT is Very Small Aperture Terminal and it does not need any ground station to connect you to the internet hence VSAT has lots of benefits and drawbacks too.

Benefits of VSAT

A VSAT removes the need of ground station and hence you can avail internet connectivity anywhere on the planet and the chances of disconnected decreases because the substations are removed and you are directly connected to the ISP's central office.

Drawbacks of VSAT

As VSAT uses satellite for communication the speed of VSAT is limited below 2-4 Mbps and you pay a high charge for using VSAT technology. The charges can be more than 10 times of your traditional broadband connection.

For Whom VSAT Is Useful?

VSAT is useful for people and companies who reside in the remote area and there is no chance of having ISP in that area. Also, one who does not expect to have downtime and want to have a 24x7 service they can use the benefits of VSAT. Watch the video for more information and share your views in comments below  


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