If you are reading this blog then it means you already heard the name PayPal and actually, anyone using computers is aware of the name PayPal it is a most popular name so what is PayPal? Here we will talk about that and discuss why PayPal is so popular among internet users.

What is PayPal (PayPal.Com)

PayPal is online payment gateway cum wallet which was founded on December 1998 and was the first company that allowed its users' person to person fund transfer, at that time PayPal was the only company that enabled users to send money to a different user using his/her PayPal id. This made PayPal popular among users who needed to send and receive money. Also, PayPal allows merchants to embed its payment methods on their website and sell products online. And PayPal users have a wallet option available and websites that have PayPal as payment gateway the PayPal users can use their PayPal ID to make payment. Which removed the need for using credit cards on every website.

What are the features of PayPal?

As mentioned above PayPal allows you to send money from your account to someone else's account without the need of banks, and also there are various features some of which are listed below.
  • PayPal allows person to person or account to account transfers using PayPal ID.
  • PayPal allows the users to accept payment from anywhere in the world.
  • PayPal does currency conversion this means you can receive payment in a different currency and convert it to your local currency for a small PayPal fees.
  • PayPal provides widgets and APIs which allows users to accept payments on their website easily.
  • PayPal allows linking bank accounts so you can withdraw money to your bank account.
  • You can use your PayPal balance to pay for your online shopping.
There are a lot of other features that PayPal avails to its users. Some selected countries do not allow holding PayPal balance for shopping online or to hold them on their PayPal account like in India you can not hold your PayPal balance in your account due to legal concerns.

Is PayPal safe?

Paypal is the most trusted payment gateway provider and is trusted across the globe also PayPal is a giant company and provides its users complete security and help with its customer support services and high-security features.

How to create PayPal account?

To create PayPal account simply visit PayPal.com and register your account and it is actually very easy to register on PayPal. Once you complete the registration process then you will need to verify the account and link your bank account and start using PayPal that's it. So, guys, I hope you found this article helpful and check out the video also share with your friends and share your thoughts in comments below.  


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