What Is IPsec | Internet Protocol Security Explained

We are using internet everywhere and every time we are connected to the internet, talking about internet or any other network there are various network protocols that control the communication and carry data from one place to other. And without protocols, any network will fail. Similarly, the most important protocol of any network is IP the IP is also known as Internet Protocol which plays a most important role because it assigns the IP address to any computer or network device and also carries data as payload with source and destination address. But the drawback of the traditional IP protocol is it does not provide security so we needed something that provides security and hence there is IP sec or IP security.

How IPsec works and what is IPsec (Internet Protocol Security)

IPsec or Internet Protocol security is a protocol that allows Encapsulation of data using a key which is pre-shared among the peers and only the peers can de-encapsulate the data using those keys. The IP secure is a flexible protocol which allows various configuration according to the environment it is being used. Hence it makes data flow safe. The IPsec falls in TCP IP modal and can work in three modes.
  1. Routing level: Applies security and encryption at routing level between nodes.
  2. Application level and: Applies security and encryption at the application level.
  3. VPN: Applies security and encryption on VPN entry and exit nodes.

Where is IPsec useful

The IPsec is really useful if you are using the public internet or sending sensitive data across the internet or any other network where you need a high security and the IPsec exactly provides the same. Watch the video for more information and share your views in the comments below.


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