We are so much dependent on gadgets like computers, smartphones, tablets and other smart devices that we use them in every step of our life and we all know these gadgets are useless without an operating system and the software in it. And these are made by writing codes. Programmers work day and night to make that software. So what is coding? And how to learn any programming language quickly?

What is coding?

As our brain takes decisions in any situation based on the environment, the software also needs to decide on any given case. To explain it in an easier way let us take an example that someone broke into your house at midnight. And now your brain will immediately react to it and then make you take some safety precautions like calling the police. Similarly, any software needs to take decisions in any situation. Like you logged in to your Facebook account then Facebook will show you your notification. This is possible because there is a software that is smart to decide which one is your notification. And this smartness is possible because someone has written codes for delivering the appropriate notification to the appropriate user. And he has done this coding in some programming language like PHP, Java,.Net, and others. Coding is a way of making the machine understand what to do and how to do in any given situation.

How to learn any programming language quickly?

Every programming language has its way of coding, but once you have understood any programming language, then you can quickly learn new languages. The primary programming language that you can quickly learn are C and C++ starting with them is best. Furthermore, you need to follow a proper method to learn them easily and quickly. The steps I use to learn any new programming language are :
  1. Study and understand the basics of the programming language.
  2. Do not wholly depend on the books instead start coding something.
  3. Research on Google when you stuck into something.
  4. Try start thinking logically like the programming language itself. And this will help you generate whole images of the outcome you want.
  5. If you fail, never give up but try a new method. Research again and again. This technique will help you learn new solutions.
  6. Give yourself challenges and complete them.
So, guys, I hope these steps will help you learn any programming language faster and easily. Check out the video for more information and share your views in the comments below.


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