What is CDN (Content Delivery Network)


What is CDN (Content Delivery Network)

If you are a website owner then you are definitely aware of CDN which is known as Content Delivery Network it is widely popular on the web because of the benefits it provides and hence it is also used widely among website owners. So what is a CDN?

What is CDN

A CDN full forms to Content Delivery Network. When we make any website and host on any server, the server lives at any specific country, a internet is the web of wires, cables and optical fibres which carry the data from one point to another, the data transport can get widely impacted by the distance data travels. Hence when servers are at a different country the load time of your website and latency will increase, so companies put servers at various exchange points of ISPs in different countries these servers are interconnected which form a CDN.  

How CDN works?

The various content of websites like images, CSS, Javascript, Videos and HTML is loaded by any user who visits your website everytime they load your website, so these calls, when loaded from single servers, increase load time because of distance, bandwidth cost and consume server resources. So placing those static resources on any CDN server makes our website load faster because:
  • CDN has multiple servers in various exchange points hence resources are loaded locally by clients who visit the website.
  • CDNs use minification, compression, caching and various techniques to display your website properly on user's screen as soon as possible.
  • CDN decrease load on your servers because most of your static content is loaded from CDN if you store them on CDN.

How to choose a CDN for you

Choosing a CDN properly is really important, a CDN should be reliable and has widespread of servers. A good CDN will make your website look better whereas a bad CDN will impact your traffic a lot if you are a starter and looking for free CDN then Cloudflare will be a good choice also MaxCDN is very popular paid CDN provider. Share your views and suggestions in comments below.


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