We are using the internet everywhere and every time and internet is the core of technology that we need in the 21st century to stay connected to the world and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and information. The internet is a network of millions and billions of devices and one of the most important devices is the modem. So in this article, we are going to talk about What is a modem and how does it work.

What Is A Modem & How Does It Work

What is a modem?

The modem is a device that connects you to the internet via your ISP (internet service provider) and does various authentication with ISP to establish the connection. The full name of the modem is modulator-demodulator.

How does modem work?

Our ISP uses analogue signals as a medium of communication and as we all know computers and other smart devices use the digital format of data so to establish the communication between the ISP and our other devices it is important to have a device that can convert the data from analogue to digital and digital to analogue. And a modem is the device that does the same and converts analogue to digital and vice versa. Variations of modems There are various types of modems that use various types of signals. Typically these modems are divided into dial-up and DSL/ADSL/VDSL modems. The difference between these two types of modems are a dial-up modem uses the same spectrum as your telephone hence when you connect to the internet the phone will no more be accessible and the maximum speed you'll have is 33 Kbps which is theoretical. Actual speed can be less. But DSL/ADSL/VDSL uses a separate spectrum of your telephone line and both your phone and your internet connection can be accessed at the same time.

Why do smartphones have a modem?

The smartphone is also not different in a matter of telephony because it uses radio frequency for communication and this is analogue in nature hence a conversation is required therefore there are modems in smartphones too. Like LTE and HSPA modems. So I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. Share your thoughts in comments below and share the article with your friends too.


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