Website VS Blog | How Bloggers Earn Money And Benefits Of Blogging

Nowadays we all tend to be online and keep browsing the internet and while browsing we visit different URLs where we can read various articles or do different things on the website and use the web applications to do different tasks. But there are two different things on the internet which are website and blogs. So what is a website and what is a blog, what are the differences between them? Let us know what is a website and a blog.

The Differences Between Website And A Blog

What is a website?

A website is a collection of web pages which can be in various formats, i.e. HTML, HTM, PHP, ASP etc. A website is not regularly updated with new content and it remains to the point, promotes any business or agency.

What is a blog?

A blog is also a website which contains various pages linked with each other previously the blogs were known as weblog and later it got the modern name BLOG, people used to share their daily activities on the weblogs and when they realized that it can become a profitable business soon after that blogging became a profession and people started writing blogs professionally. And also business started to adopt blogs to their website to generate more leads. On any blog the readers can interact with the website, they can comment and share the content with others like now you are reading this blog and you have an option below where you can comment and also from there only you can share this web page with your friends or on your social media accounts. This makes blogs interactive and interesting for readers and search engines.  
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What are benefits of writing blogs aka blogging?

Blogging is very beneficial and a good blog can do amazing things for you or your business because search engines love new contents and which can make the website rank higher on search engines and help the agency to gain reputation and business. Also, a blog can become a source of extra income using advertising platforms like Adsense and Info links. If you are looking for a blog or a website then do not hesitate to contact me. You can get an amazing looking and smoothly working website for budget price. Like and comment your thoughts below also watch the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel for latest tech videos.


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