Reliance JIO Juice what is it and how does it work
As soon as Reliance announced the Prime Membership Benefits till March 2019, a day later Reliance amazed people with one more announcement of the Reliance JIO Juice. As they have mentioned in the promotional video, the Reliance JIO Juice is an innovation in technology and is a true wireless charging technology that can charge up your smartphone without having need of connecting any charger. So what is Jio Juice? Let us know.

Reliance JIO Juice – True Wireless Charging – What and How? #JIOJuice

what is jiojuice explained

What Is Reliance JIO Juice?

Reliance JIO Juice is as per Reliance, the latest innovation that charges your devices over the network, so you no more need to carry a charger with you and simply put in a JIO SIM in your phone. Then the network will take care of rest other things.

How Reliance JIO Juice Works?

As the Reliance guys are claiming in the promotional video, the JIO Juice uses 4G communication to charge up your devices wirelessly, so you simply need to put in the Reliance JIO SIM card in your mobile phone. Once done with that then JIO 4G towers send you 4G data packets which are then converted into electricity. That in return charges your device using electromagnetic induction. So you no more need to carry various charging devices with you, all is taken care by JIO network.

The Truth

So after digging in a bit more, I realized that this technology is not yet available in the market, so how come Reliance have used such technology? For this I focused on two things:
  1. There are no other international or Indian network providers that have mentioned about this technology that JIO is talking about (JIO Juice).
  2. Our smartphones or any other phone does not support this kind of feature where the SIM cards using any technology can charge up the device. Passing electricity through the SIM connectors will simply destroy the device.
So this was just a joke from the side of Reliance JIO and they cracked the joke for April Fool's Day. As there is no such technology yet. But in near future, this might come true and we may get a True Wireless Charging by 2019 or 2020. As technology is changing every day so, this can become a truth but for now, it is just a joke. As we need such devices too which are enabled to use this technology. Everything about Reliance JIO Juice: Reliance JIO Juice Explained So guys share your valuable views in comments below. And for more detailed information check my video where I have explained everything about #JioJuice


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