Reliance JIO Battery Life And Overheating Solution

Reliance JIO Battery Life And Overheating Solution
Reliance introduced its new mobile network, Reliance JIO a few months back and it spread like a virus, everyone in this country opted to Reliance JIO within days Reliance made huge customer base for the JIO service. While it was introduced to India, all of its services were free for long duration and everyone started talking about this, most telecom providers changed their plans to stop losing customers because of the amazing launch of Reliance JIO. But the JIO sim started showing issues like overheating of phones, slow phones and huge battery consumption of batteries. Why so? Let’s dig it in depth.

Reliance JIO Battery Life And Overheating Solution

Reliance JIO Battery Life And Overheating Solution

Reliance JIO started its all services in hurry

It was not more than months that Reliance announced JIO services and suddenly JIO was in the market. So no proper testing was done while establishing the networks and this is because a lot of network fluctuation occurs, because of this your device needs to work more vigorously and roughly to adjust according to the environment and provide seamless service. This is what heats up the processor and makes your battery drain faster. Reliance JIO Battery Life And Overheating Solution

Reliance JIO apps

When you insert the Reliance JIO SIM in your phone at that time you install the JIO apps, but those apps are not properly built. They were packed in a hurry hence the architecture of those apps put more load on your phone and which makes your phone warm and slow. As those apps keep sending and receiving data from JIO servers, your phone never gets time to sit idle and relax. Reliance JIO Battery Life And Overheating Solution

Using 4G networks continuously

When you use JIO SIM, you are continuously connected to the 4G network, unlike the old 2G networks, in 4G network, your data is always connected and signals are digital inside an analog band. So the analog radio frequency is always on, unlike 2G networks where it worked over analog signals and signals were only sent whenever there was some change or keep alive to make sure your phone is in reach. Now after you opt to 4G all these signals are digital and the analog bridge is always maintained so that the digital traffic can pass across. This makes your phone consume more power and decrease in battery life. As same happens while you are using 3G or 2G internet continuously on your phone battery drains quickly.   So what are the solutions to that?
  1. Uninstall all useless JIO apps, this will help your phone to get rid of buggy apps and relax a bit.
  2. Set your network mode from auto to LTE/ VoLTE in your settings, this will help your phone to get control over fluctuating radio frequencies and bands.
  3. Use WiFi where ever possible, this will stop the use of 4G network continuously and your phone will run longer.
For more information watch this video Let me know in the comments below what you feel about these suggestions and if you have other suggestions. Also, share this post with your friends if it worked for you.


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