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Ookla Speed Test is a very popular platform and is used widely in smartphones and computers. If you have not used the application or website yet then you are for sure not aware of what is Speed Test By Ookla and How It Works. So in this article, I will explain to you how useful is this app and why people use it so widely.

Ookla Speed Test - What Is It And How It Works

what is ookla speed test

What is Ookla Speed Test?

As mentioned previously Speed Test By Ookla is a very popular mobile application and website which allows its users to test their internet connection and quality of their internet in just a click. This software has a wide network of servers which are used to test internet connection quality, hence it is trusted by its users widely and used by them. And leading Internet Service Providers use this too to determine their network quality. So how does it work?

How Does Ookla Speed Test work?

The Ookla Speed Test uses a wide network of servers that are specially configured to test the internet connections using 5 basic principles which are ping, jitter, loss, download, and upload. Below I will explain everything about these five things. speed test by ookla app - internet speed test result
  1. PING: The ping is a process where one device i.e. your computer sends a packet to another device e. the Ookla servers. This is used to check connectivity between the two devices on the network. So with ping activeness of internet connection is checked.
  2. JITTER: Jitter determines the variation in time for every ping request made.
  3. DOWNLOAD: The download is for download speed, this determines the actual download speed you are getting.
  4. UPLOAD: The upload is for upload speed, this determines the actual upload speed you are getting.
  5. LOSS: Loss is for calculating the number of PING requests failed when Ookla Speed Test app was pinging the server.
So these are the five things that the Ookla uses to determine any network or internet quality. But why Ookla is so popular if it is so simple?

Why Ookla App and Website so popular?

It may sound very easy to do these few tests and give results for internet quality to users, but actually, it is much tougher than it sounds, Ookla manages a big network of servers across the globe and it is like Facebook in term of the speed test. Competing Ookla is not an easy thing and also Ookla displays genuine results for the tests. And how can we forget internet speed test is a thing that everyone does. So everything together makes Ookla the leader in internet speed test. And the proof is Airtel uses Ookla results to compare themselves with their competitors. So I hope you found this article helpful and you can also check my video on YouTube about Ookla Speed Test by following the link below. What Is Ookla Speed Test Please share your views in comments below.


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