Liquid Cooling Technology – Nothing But A Fancy Name?

liquid cooling technology in mobile
In 2018, a lot of smartphones are coming with Liquid Cooling Technology, and a lot of manufacturers are opting for this technology. So, I don’t think this technology is really useful for most of us, but what is this technology and why the smartphone companies are boasting so much about liquid cooling technology? Is there any good in it? Is it new technology? Well so in this article we will know all about liquid cooling technology in smartphones. So please continue reading. You can watch my video on YouTube here: Liquid cooling technology in mobile

Liquid Cooling Technology - Nothing But A Fancy Name?

liquid cooling system in cars

Is liquid cooling a new technology?

No liquid cooling is not a new technology. But it is newly adopted in smartphones, if you have ever done maintenance of your car or motorcycle, you have seen there is a radiator in them that contains some coolant fluid which runs through the whole engine and moves out the heat to the radiator, where it is again cooled down. This is the best example of real life liquid cooling technology. But the liquid cooling technology is also present in computers, you can buy a liquid cooling system for your CPU or processor to move out the heat from CPU. liquid cooling technology in computers

So why liquid cooling technology in smartphones?

I would rather say putting liquid cooling technology in a smartphone is a marketing strategy rather having some useful thing. Today there is a lot of competition in the smartphone industry, so luring consumers with some chocolaty name is really important to have your product sold. You will not throw away your old phone for a new phone if there is nothing new, will you? But I will not say it is entirely useless. The liquid cooling technology is really useful for gamers, one who runs their phones for the entire day and night and play games in them. While gaming your phone gets overheated and at that moment your phone slows down. So it is really important to take away the heat.

How liquid cooling technology in smartphone works

When you run your phone’s SoC or CPU or the processor, at higher clock speed it generates a huge amount of heat which can blow up your smartphone’s processor. So it is really important to have a system that takes away the heat from SoC and other critical parts. Hence there is a thermal conductor inside which any liquid is filled which can transfer heat efficiently. The liquid when heated moves from point a to point b carrying the heat in gaseous form, it condenses on reaching point b giving out all the heat, and then again moves back to point a. this is how simple liquid cooling is.   I hope you have liked this article. I try to put on interesting and educational articles here for all you people. So share your views and suggestions in comments below.


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