When you create one video with all your efforts, and you instantly want to share your creativity with all your friends. But something on the way stops you from doing so; it is the size of the video. So the solution remains to you is to cut the quality and resolution to achieve a lower size. But wait here today I will show you one easy way and free solution using which you can compress videos up to 90% without losing quality or resolution. So what are we waiting for let’s begin?

How To Compress Videos Up To 90 % Without Losing Quality

Tools You Need For Video Compression

  1. A computer with an average processor like Intel i3 and a right amount of RAM for faster encoding.
  2. Handbrake video compressor

What is Handbrake Video Compressor?

Handbrake is an opensource video encoder which uses various techniques and codecs to compress any video to exceptional value and decrease the size of any video up to 90%. Meanwhile, the quality of your video remains almost the same while compared to the original with an optimal configuration of handbrake encoder.

Is Handbrake Free To Use?

Handbrake Video Encoder is entirely free for download and use, so you can download it and start using it without any investment. And let me mention you it is one of the best video compressor app that you can try out.  

How to Compress Video Files Without Losing Quality With Handbrake Tutorial

So now let us know how to use handbrake in this step by step tutorial, first of all, you need to download handbrake software by visiting their website, then select your operating system and proceed to download. Here is the link below: HandBrake Free Download Now once you have downloaded and installed Handbrake video converter and encoder, open handbrake.
  1. Add the video file that you want to reduce the size of.
  2. Select the preset from right sidebar on handbrake software. I am using General -> Fast 1080 for my all videos that are HD.
  3. On picture tab, output settings select web optimized. And then check if the video is cropped by handbrake, on cropping section select custom and set it to 0 for all sides or if you want to crop your videos then set the desired value.
  4. Go to video tab, set the quality to 24 or 25 on the handbrake converter.
  5. Go to the audio tab and set the audio bitrate to 128 or lower it. Make sure to keep it more than 64 bit.
  6. Go on subtitles and remove it.
  7. From the destination selector, select the destination file address and format type MP4 or MKV.
  8. Press the Start Encode button which is on the top bar of Handbrake Software.
  9. Wait till the encoding completes. And check the size.
The step by step guide is in the video, I have shown a step by step tutorial of using handbrake software and reduce video size, please check that video. And I hope you found this tutorial helpful. So share your views in comments below. Have a great day.


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