How To Buy A Computer | Pre-Build or Custom Build? Best Buy

When we buy PC for our home or office there are two choices, either we can go for branded PC which is also known as pre-build PC o for custom built pc which is also popular as assembled PC so which one is the best for you? Should you buy a Pre Build PC or a Custom Built PC? Let us know how to chose one of these for your best user experiences.

Pre Build or Custom Built The Best Choice

What is Pre Build PC?

A pre-build pc is assembled by any brand like HP, Acer, Wipro and more and sold on outlets. These computers are ready to use. You after buying take it to home and just plug and play.

What is a Custom Built PC?

A custom PC is also known as assembled PC and these computers are built block by block, you need to buy each and every hardware and assemble them.

Benefits of Custom built PC over Pre Build PC

As by now you pre-build PC or branded PC is a computer assembled by the brands and hence you do not need to have the headache of choosing every part and these computers are plug and play so if you are not so tech savvy then this option is great for you for browsing the internet, watching movies and doing everyday things. Whereas there are lots of benefits of assembling a computer although it can consume extra time assembling the components. The benefits are
  • Warranty void: Pre-build PC have to warranty on entire PC so if you want to add extra hardware then you will need to void the warranty whereas in custom built PC you get the warranty on each component so opening the case will not void the warranty and you can add more hardware to your existing system.
  • Cost: The pre-build systems are costly then assembled PCs or custom PCs as the brand changes the high price for their brand name.
  • Flexibility: You have the flexibility to chose your own components the brands you like and assemble them, you are no more bound to rely on the brand's hardware taste.
  • More power at lower prices: As now you can pick your hardware you can bargain a lot with the seller and check the lowest price for each hardware before buying.

Gamer, Video Editor And Professional People Tips

If you are a gamer or video editor or you do photo editing on your desktop or PC or you are looking a PC to do these things, then a custom build PC will be the best pick for you because then it will allow you to have access to the internal components and add remove them according to your requirement. I personally suggest buying a custom built PC because of the flexibility you get and the money you save assembling your own PC. Let me know your views in comments below.


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