Hacking Human Is No More A Sci-Fi Movie – Neural Lace

what is neuralinks neural lace
In lots of Sci-Fi movies, we have seen scenes of hacking the human brain, controlling people and communicating using telepathy. But what if I say that this is soon going to be true. Brain mapping is the technology that we are talking about and brain mapping will soon be possible with the latest research and technologies that are arriving. There are many types of research going on which trigger to map the human brain and read and write to the brain. So similarly Elon Musk has founded a venture named Neuralink. So what is Neuralink?

Hacking Human Is No More A Sci-Fi Movie - Neural Lace

What is Neuralink?

Neuralink is a venture founded by Elon Musk the founder of SpaceX and Tesla. Elon Musk is an open thinker and to make it possible for us to read write and delete information from our brain he founded Neuralink.

What is the goal of Neuralink?

Elon Musk says that in future Artificial Intelligence will become so smart that humans will not able to compete them. So to save humans from this disaster it is important to make humans smarter and make it possible for humans to communicate and share information. The purpose of Neuralink is to make possible for humans to get connected directly and share information. This will connect the human brain and computers which will turn humans into a humanoid. For this project, they have developed Neural lace which will help connect human brains and computers.

What is Neural lace?

neural lace bugging rat brain Neural lace is a network of electrodes that is pushed in your body and once it reaches your brain then it unfolds itself to cover your brain with electrodes. After it unfolds and covers your brain, it will be possible for you to get connected with any other device or the internet and download upload information instantly with its high-speed connectivity. It will be like you are thinking to change the channel on your smart tv and the channel will change, or you are thinking to send an email and it is sent. The Neural Lace has been already tested on Rats and it has unfolded itself successfully. But every technology has its pros and cons. You can watch this video for more information: What is Neural Lace and How It Works Pros and Cons of Neural Lace Every technology have its own pros and cons here are some of the pros:
  • After humans being converted to humanoids, humans can stay updated and share information directly.
  • There will no more be need of new gadgets and smartphones, tablets as humans itself will able to do such things just by thinking.
  • Humans will able to control any gadget by thinking.
As said before there are cons with pros for any technology. So here are the cons:
  • As artificial intelligence is growing, this opportunity for anyone to read and write to the human brain will make someday possible for the Artificial Intelligence to control your brain. (If it happens someday)
  • If any new technology comes in the Neural Lace, how the Neural Lace will be updated with the new version without a major brain surgery?
  • Currently companies like Facebook, Google are reading our information on the phone. Soon they will be popping up with permission message to read your brain.
So guys when any new technology comes it comes with both pros and cons. In my views, there should be a limit up to which any technology can be pushed like Artificial Intelligence set by some authority, so any technology doesn’t get so bigger than it starts controlling humans. Don’t you think we are happy with the way we are and the way technology is at this time? Share your views and opinions in the comments below.


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