Codeigniter Update Replace and Set Database Tutorial Part-3

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Codeigniter Update() Replace() and Set() Database Tutorial

In our previous tutorial parts we learned about select() and the insert() methods of codeigniter, but with them we need to do other methods of CRUD in our application. In this tutorial part 3 we will learn about the various methods of update operations possible with codeigniter. Previous Tutorial Codeigniter Database Tutorial Part-2 Inserting Data With Codeigniter

Updating Database With Codeigniter “$this->db->update()”

Suppose your application user just changed his username and you need the changed username to be updated on his database row, at every such occasion you will need to do an update, codeigniter update() method allows you to update your database whenever you need. Update function can also be used with where function. Following is example how you can use update function. Create new array with field name as key and the values will be new value.




Now we will pass the array to update a user’s values

$this->db->where('id', 'id of the user');

$this->db->update('user', $data);

This will update the user details with new username and password where “id” is the id of that user. Before update() method Before Update() Codeigniter Update() method model Codeiniter Update Model Results after update() after update() codeigniter

Building Codeigniter Query With set() method “$this->db->set()”

The codeigniter set() function allows let you build query in parts rather passing it directly in array. This method is useful when you need to build query in parts i.e. when you need to perform loops and build a query. The usage of set() method is given below.

$this->db->set('username', 'new_set_username');

$this->db->set('password', 'new_set_password');

$this->db->where('id', $id);

The set() method can also be used with insert() and replace() method, this variable sets all fields and it values for the query methods. Before set() method before set() codeigniter Set() method model codeigniter set() model Results after set() method After set() method codeigniter

Codeigniter Updating Data With replace() Method$this->db->replace()

The codeigniter replace() method allows to do delete and update SQL queries at the same time, this method needs primary or unique keys as determining factor. This method will save your time by allowing a single method for select(), update(), insert() and delete() . The usage of replace() method is as given below Usage:






$this->db->replace('user', $data);
As id is our primary key we passed our id along with the array and the replace() method will find the id, replace all values with our new values provided. Before codeigniter replace() Before replace() codeigniter Replace() method model Codeigniter replace() model Results after replace() method After replace codeigniter As you can see in the output, in our query we didn’t provide the user_type field and the replace() method kept user_type null. This proves that replace method has replaced all old values for that row with our new values we provided. In next tutorial we will learn more about codeigniter where() and delete() methods Codeigniter Database Where and Delete Beginners Tutorial Part-4 If you have any suggestions or questions, let me know in the comments below or send a message from contact us page. If you liked this part of tutorial and found this helpful then share and like our page. Subscribe for notification on new tutorials.


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