Airtel Internet TV – Technical Specification And Review

Airtel Internet TV - Specification and Review
  Airtel recently announced its Internet Based Set Top Box that supports 4K Videos and in India Airtel is first to launch such set top box. This set top box is one of its kind and supports a lot of features, so it is important to know what the things you get with this product are and how this product works. Then let us discuss this product.

Airtel Internet TV - Technical Specification And Review - All You Need To Know

Airtel Internet TV Technical Specification Review Rear View

Airtel Internet TV - The Technical Specification

  1. The Airtel Internet TV supports 4k Videos at a frame rate of 60 FPS that means your large tv will no more break down or pixelate images due to low resolutions. You will get crisp pictures.
  2. The Airtel Internet TV supports play store, this means you will able to download your favorite apps and run them on your TV while using the remote as a controller.
  3. The Airtel Internet TV also has Bluetooth built in which means you can additionally connect a keyboard and mice (mouse) with your STB and use your STB as a CPU whereas the TV will act as a display and you can do everything that you have done on a PC till now.
  4. Airtel Internet TV comes on board with WIFI and this means you can threaten the internet connection and use in your any home device that has WIFI.
  5. Airtel Internet TV comes with 10/100 Ethernet port which means you can use your existing internet connection/broadband connection with the STB
  6. Airtel Internet TV has inbuilt USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports which mean you can connect your external media to record TV and access stored data in them.
  7. Airtel Internet TV has inbuilt SD card slot that makes easy to extend your storage capacity with SD cards you have.
  8. Airtel Internet TV comes with Dual-core ARM B15 BCM7252S AND 2GB RAM that is a very low configuration as per claims high-end games will lag a lot in this STB, but yet sufficient for browsing and typing over your STB.
  9. Airtel Internet TV supports 5.1 and 7.1 audio outputs respectively that assures you get the feeling of 4K with pin-drop sound and surround feeling.
  10. Airtel Internet TV comes with HDMI 2.0 with HDCP2.2 which means you can connect your HD UHD and 4K TV with them to enjoy the actual quality out of your TV.
  11. Airtel Internet TV comes with Optical SPDIF that means you can connect your home theaters with this STB using optical fiber to get the pin drop sound without any hiss or phis and electromagnetic interference.
  12. Airtel Internet TV comes with Bluetooth Remote and Voice Search which means you can search content over google using your voice.

Airtel Internet TV - Conclusion And Review

The first impression of the STB or set top box is good but it is no more than a high-end smartphone where you will need to use your existing internet connection to browse and do things over the internet. But yet getting all that in your PC is amazing, enjoying everything on a big screen is very different, although this TV does not provide internet connection so you need to own a broadband connection for enjoying all its features. Hence if you want to have all these features in your Airtel Internet TV then make sure you have an internet connection at home and good bandwidth which is at a minimum of 4MbPS. The Set Top Box does not provide satellite internet. It is just like any other set top box with an antenna without an internet connection. Now further let us see if it really streams 4K, If you want to buy this Set Top Box or check out more then check the link below. Airtel Internet TV Thank you for reading this article. Please share your views in the comments below and let me know in comments if you want me to research something for you and write about that.


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