Aircel Shutdown How To Port | BSNL Provides Service To Aircel
Not much back, it was on 20th of February 2018 when Aircel shocked all its consumers with no network service and a complete shutdown of the network. The news spread like fire and every person was tensed. And on 24th of February again Aircel networks are restored and BSNL is providing the services. So what was the reason behind shut down of Aircel?

Aircel Shutdown How To Port | BSNL Provides Service To Aircel - How to port Aircel to Others?

Aircel Shutdown People Want To Port Aircel To Other

Reason Behind Aircel Shutdown

Aircel is a popular telecom service provider and is known for its budget plans and services. Every company needs good funding to run itself and so they borrow money from banks. The banks also make a good profit from these companies. But recently Reliance JIO was launched and it provided a lot of free services and cheaper services than Aircel. This killed market of various telecom providers like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Aircel and others. Everyone took their steps to survive this situation but Aircel as it is not a well-established company, and is a new player in telecom so it faced many challenges which grew its debts in bank and profits decreased. Soon the profit it made was less then the interest amount of loan and the dues forced Aircel towards BANKRUPT. And this is because of Aircel shutdown all its business.

Return Of Aircel With BSNL

Today on 24th of February 2018 I noticed the Aircel users of Assam, India are having network signal in their phone and I looked at it then noticed that there was a Cellone service on their Aircel SIM Cards, so it was very clear to me that BSNL was providing intra-circle roaming to Aircel for now and the users have finally networks on their phones although there are no incoming and outgoing calls working. There can be many reasons behind this service which we are going to talk now.

Is Aircel Shutting Down? And if it is then when?

The easy and clear answer that you do not want to listen is YES. Aircel is shutting down and it already has filed bankruptcy which means Aircel is no more able to pay the bank debts and wants to completely shut down the business. So there is no hope that Aircel will continue providing services. This service is provided so that users of Aircel can port to other providers. So rather growing hopes simply port to other better providers, may be Reliance JIO or Airtel.

How to port Aircel to Airtel, BSNL, Reliance JIO or other providers? (Mobile Number Portability)

To port your number from Aircel to Airtel, BSNL, Reliance JIO or other providers simply follow the following steps:
  1. Open one text message and type “PORT space your 10 digit mobile number” for example my mobile number is 9876543210 then the message will be: PORT 9876543210. Send it to 1900.
  2. Once the message is sent you will receive two replies, one will be for confirmation of your Mobile Number Portability Request. And another will be a message with your Unique Port Code (UPC) which will arrive after few hours.
  3. Once you have the UPC visit the nearby store of your new and selected service provider ( BSNL, Airtel, Reliance JIO, others) with the relevant documents for address and photo proof like Voter ID card, and Adhaar card.
  4. Provide your UPC code and other relevant documents to the service provider. On acceptance, you will get a new SIM for the same number.
  5. After few hours your new SIM will get activated and you can start using it.
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