3 Reliance Jio Services Ate Competition In Telecom Industry

Reliance Jio Plans and Connections Featured
Reliance Jio came out in market a few months back, with Jio plans and offers reliance silently killed the competitors, Reliance kept moving with its Jio connections and is providing more connections, whereas telecom companies like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and others started losing business, they tried to compete Reliance Jio services by not allowing let the calls get connected to users of the individual networks, this created a mess for themselves only when TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) tracked the issue on complaint of Reliance Jio and fined 3,050 crores on  Airtel, Vodafone and Idea, for violating their license agreement and denying of interconnection to Reliance Jio. Reliance Jio is moving forward with plans for providing low-cost services all across India.

Here Are 3 Reliance Jio Services That Will Probably Kill The Competition In Telecom Industry

Reliance Jio Free Calls and High Speed 4g Internet VoLTE 1. Reliance Jio Free Calls And Cheap 4g Internet service Where other companies are charging high for each call either by minutes or by seconds, Reliance Jio came out with an extraordinary tariff plan group where they provide free national and local calls to the users, hence people  are subscribing more and more with Reliance Jio and other providers are losing customers. The business idea is unique for Indian users.
  1. Free Calls and Internet Till 31st December 2016: By providing free calls and internet services to the users, Reliance made a breakthrough, this record-breaking plan lured people so much that India ranked top in mobile phone sales and new connection for the last quarter of 2016. Although Reliance Jio plans to make the internet service paid from 1st January 2017 but calls will always remain free for Reliance Jio consumers.
  2. After 31st march of 2016 Jio will start making profits: Reliance Jio has already crossed 16 million user subscriptions, if everything goes right then Reliance Jio may have over 40-50 million subscriptions by start of January 2017, reliance says that average recharge by every user will be Rs. 250.00 after end of free offers, so Reliance Jio will make billions each month, which is tremendous for a start-up and stressful for competitors.
  3. Reliance Jio introduced the latest technology in cellular networks: The VoLTE means calls are carried over LTE network (the 4g internet connection is used for carrying calls) which means definitely the users will experience crystal clear HD voice in Jio to Jio calls, if the telecom providers keep on using the old systems then this will be an advantage to Reliance, as people will now and then switch to Reliance Jio services.
Reliance Jio FTTH Broadband Connection 2. Reliance Jio Newly Launched Broadband Services So Reliance Jio also launched its broadband services, they are much cheaper than other service providers and this is an alert for the old providers like BSNL, Airtel, Tikona and others, the broadband service they are going to provide is based on the latest technology too which is FTTH (Fibre to Home) this supports a connection speed up to 1 Gbps, both home and business users can opt to this service. The basic monthly plans of Jio Broadband starts from Rs. 1500 which is named as Jio Broadband Plan 1 and offers a speed up to 50 Mbps, data limit is 2000 GB, similarly the Jio broadband plan 2 provides 100 Mbps of speed and data usage of 1000 GB and there are lots of affordable high-speed plans of Reliance Jio. Those who are not very tech savvy and do not need a very high-speed connection, Reliance Jio have broadband plans for them too, i.e. Reliance Jio offers 600 GB @ 15Mbps for 30 days at just Rs 500.00, 500 GB @ 30Mbps ar just Rs. 1000 and the plans go on. You can read more about the Reliance Jio broadband plans in the link below.   Reliance Jio Broadband So now the ISPs (Internet service provider) will be bound to decrease the rates of their slow internet connections, in my view providers like BSNL, MTNL who yet do not have plans above 4mbps for regular users will get more decline in sales and others will also decrease the killing prices for internet connections. Reliance Jio DTH broadband service 3. The Godzilla, Reliance Jio DTH Service Reliance Jio is also planning to get into DTH services but with a new twist as previous two. Reliance Jio is planning to provide high-speed internet services in Jio DTH, so now every user will able to experience and enjoy the properties of smart TV in old televisions, this will also allow users to connect existing devices and access the internet, definitely there will be plans for internet connection, speed and usage, but this is a game changer as you will able to access internet via satellite, so downtime and disconnections will become rare and also the technical issues which we face every day forth. Now a days, every person wants to find a way somehow which will allow them to manage things and get things in a single place, so you can watch tv, access internet with a single connection, Reliance Claims to provide a speed of 1Gbps on DTH internet, I am just waiting for launch. This will impact the DTH providers like Tata sky, Videocon, Airtel and Dish TV, but with the news that reliance announced about Jio DTH I researched a bit then found that Airtel, Tata sky and Videocon are also planning to provide internet services with same old set top box, Jio also claims to provide 300+ channels and 50+ HD channels in his DTH service, users who are paying R. 250  Rs 300 per month for DTH will pay Rs. 180 – Rs. 200 maximum as monthly rental for the DTH services (definitely internet services will have different plans). Time will tell the story, we can just wait and watch what is coming in the way, and definitely the first launcher will lead the market.   I truly believe that a new lion is in the market, they know the business strategy, they are planning to provide genuine services and customer satisfaction before charging them, Reliance Jio will probably set a standard for telecom and DTH service providers and we users will pay for what we use. I am sure you have some views for Jio services too, let me know what you think about the new service provider in comments below, and if you liked my this article then definitely share with friends.


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